Hello 2016

Hello 2016

Hello 2016!

We’ve been waiting for you. Sort of. As much as we ever await a brand new shiny year as the current one whizzes by almost before we have time to realize it’s been here.

Not much we can do about that but practice being here now. Guess it’s a little late for that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about you for the past couple of weeks. I had really big plans around how I was going say a real ‘So long’ to 2015 and do some work around what I hoped for in the days ahead, as you made you approach.

But guess what! That didn’t happen. Something better did.

Two brand new baby girls. They must have wanted to be here and ready for your big entrance. Truth be told, they won’t know anything at all about it but oh, what joy they’ve brought us!

And you know what? As I was scrambling around, trying to quickly … hurriedly … work through all those things I wanted to have ready on January, Day One, I had an Epiphany! Ta-daaaah! A cosmic light bulb lit up, and I had a ginormous realization. Ready?

2016 is going to be here for 366 days!

Do you realize what that means? Can you even begin to fathom the implications?

I don’t have to do a cotton pickin’ thing before the ball drops tomorrow night at midnight. Or even New Year’s Day in the midst of parades and football and black-eyed peas.

Not unless I want to.

New Year! New Me! We'll see! steph marksYou see, I’m doing things differently in the new year — at least that’s my plan. I know, old habits like to hold tight when we try to shove them out the door, so I have no illusions about this being a one and done. BUT …

I am going to learn to chill. Take my hands off the wheel and let the world and its inhabitants do their thing without my expert supervision and guidance. I am taking down my consulting shingle and allowing life to just be, well, life.

You know, I’ve had this job for a very long time, and it has intensified over the past several years. I’ve really been pushing it hard since these new girls arrived, and you know what? I’m not the only one with strong capabilities.

I’m not the be-all-end-all-know-it-all (even if I think I am). I know a LOT of really smart and able people.

As my friend Patti Digh shared at a retreat earlier this year, “I think they’ll manage.”

So here we go, fresh new year! Time to have some fun. Time to make some memories. Time to learn a new way of being.

Come on now, let’s DO this thang!

Happy New Year, dear ones!
May your year be filled with happiness, health, joy, and peace!

Love you, mean it!

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